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After Ticketing Occupy San Antonio for ‘Camping’, Police Settle Down for an On-Duty Nap

December 21, 2011, San Antonio — As you may know, the occupiers at Hemisfair Park have come under fire for allegedly violating a no camping ordinance. Even though the occupation is a twenty-four hour endeavor, falling asleep will quickly earn us a Park Police officer shining a light in our eyes, ticket book at the ready to deliver a costly citation. However, there seems to be quite a double standard. Last night our occupiers came across a police officer in his car in Hemisfair Park violating the no camping ordinance himself. He was fast asleep—so asleep, in fact, that the flash from our cameras did not wake him up. It took a fellow officer tapping his window with his flashlight to rouse him from his long winter’s nap. Of course, the officer did not recieve a citation for this dereliction of duty.

On the other hand, we do not wish to be overly harsh. The Park Police have long been overworked and underpaid. They are also part of the 99%, and part of the reason we protest. In that regard, we at Occupy San Antonio feel it necessary to bring attention to this very important issue. Park Police have been treated very unfairly by the city, and despite their current attitude of hostitlity toward our protest we still feel that had this officer been afforded the union coverage that is available to the SAPD this individual might not have been overworked to the point of needing to camp in a public space during his on duty hours.

Occupy San Antonio


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